Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm not departing yet. AU makes us go to a meeting to learn basic logistics of the program. I promise, dear readers, I will not bore you too much with these details.

Bottom line: Yellow fever is my only legally required shot but, considering Kenya has horrible water, I should get a typhoid shot. AU has had to evacuate students who've contracted typhoid so I'm going to get the shot (in addition to bringing my boiling pot, a Brita filter, and my stainless steel water bottles). I am going to take malaria pills so that I can travel and not worry. I also may get a rabies shot, considering the dogs aren't friendly and people hawk kittens in the streets. I don't intend to touch any animals, but I just want to be careful, in case any decide to go renegade.

I do need medical evacuation insurance, as well as repatriation of remains insurance. This is only a precaution. Kenya is very safe, as long as you're smart about your health and personal security (really, that's anywhere, developed and developing). If there is any political strife, it doesn't affect Westerners too much (more to do with in-country ethnic issues and corruption). However, it was a grim reminder that, even with my youth, strength, and health (considering how much work I do, I have been blessed with strength and stamina), I am still mortal. Of course, as a Catholic, this has spiritual dimensions for me and reminded me that I will need to go to Confession before I get on the plane (I always go to Confession before a long trip, but that's just me).

I did find out that my program fee is $3000, not $5000 and I did receive $1000 in scholarship funds, in addition to my own savings and generous donations from friends and family. My mom says it means I truly am meant to go. Doors are opening.

I'm feeling so much all at once. I know this trip is going to change me. I can't believe I'm one step closer. I can't believe all I really need to do is register, send my resume to an internship organization, get my shots, my credit card, my ticket and go. It's the end of the semester. Summer is going to fly. Then, I shall spread my own wings.

So close.......

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