Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blog has been revamped

While my adventures in Kenya have passed, the journey continues. I will still use this blog to process thoughts I have about my Kenyan experience, to tell stories as they come and to rant about issues in foreign aid and development (Katie's FAVORITE topic :D). However, I thought I'd use this blog to chronicle a new experience. I have decided to commit to a year of service through a community service program. I will serve in Little Rock, AR and it looks like I will be tutoring and mentoring kids while also planning community events in low-income communities. I am very excited.

This opportunity actually came through an email I received while in Kenya. I had discovered a passion for working with young people through my internship overseas and was debating over what to do post-college. This seemed too perfect, so I applied and did two phone interviews. Having only been in the American South on a couple of occasions (one week with the Cherokee in North Carolina and another in Disney World, which doesn't count), it will be an opportunity for me to see a bit more of my own country. The adventures continue!

Disclaimer: My friends debate about whether Arkansas is truly in the South. Some say it's more Midwest, others say it's more like the love child of the two. Since I am a Northeast chick to my core and was raised to believe that anything below the Mason-Dixon line is the South, AR counts in this blog. Also, it borders Texas and Louisiana. You cannot GET more South than that. I'm sorry if this offends anyone. I do not mean it as an insult.