Thursday, July 14, 2011

Man Plans, God Laughs

So, you know how I was supposed to go to Arkansas?

Well, due to state budget cuts there and an opening in DC, my organization has decided to keep me in DC. I knew this about a month ago but have been fairly busy with trying to save money for a more permanent housing arrangement. I also haven't figured out what to call my blog, now that I won't be going "down South."

I did feel very mixed when I heard the news. On the one hand, I'm pretty happy. I always felt like I wasn't seeing enough of DC, even though I've been here for four years. Now, I'll have my chance to see it, to be a part of it in ways I wasn't able to as a college student. I also don't have to consider the ramifications of a long-distance relationship, something that, while probably worth it in this case, would have added to stress and anxiety on my part. I can actually be a part of my church community in DC and take advantage of the city, now that I don't have to worry about paying rent while trying to make good grades.

At the same time, I did feel a bit sad. I was starting to feel excited about a new adventure, in a city I hadn't experienced before. I was looking forward to seeing a part of my own country I really haven't been to for a long period of time. In addition, as many of my friends are heading for new places overseas and I really don't have a chance to go on vacation, I was a bit bummed that I'd simply be staying.

Yet, I realize that this too will be a new adventure. While I've lived in DC for four years, I haven't really experienced it. I always knew DC had its own problems, but I was largely hidden from them, nestled away in the northwest quadrant. Aside from internship and volunteer opportunities, I didn't have much of a reason to head out, except to go downtown for social events and tourist attractions. Now, I can participate in DC in a new way, not as a college student, but as a volunteer, a community member, and an activist. To me, that's quite exciting.

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  1. Every door that closes opens another window of opportunity, Katie. Keep your head up as you transition. DC is lucky to have you sticking around for a while!